How Can a Business Coach Help Me? – Overview From an Experienced Business Coach

A business coach can help a small business owner or manager in many more ways than they might first expect and every coach will try to sell you on their specific approach.  The basics remain the same though as I will tell you about in this blog series. The fundamentals areas of work are: improving your goal setting, working on your motivaton, improving your time management, learning how to prioritise and delegate effectively, working on important aspects of business development, helping you make better decisions and being less stressed about your work as a whole.

Not understanding the benefits of working with a business coach shouldn’t be a reason to not work with one and it is an objection I often come across when talking with prospective clients. Sadly, in the modern world, saying no as the easy way out when we don’t quite understand something or we don’t want to make the effort to understand something has become all too common place. When we’re busy and have a lot going on, a blanket no just saves us time.

That does mean however we’re not opening ourselves up to new information, to new experiences, to things that lead us to grow and get better at the things we do. By avoid all these things because we’re not willing to take a moment, we’re adding more barriers in between where we are now and the success we all know deep inside we yearn to achieve.

So, it’s helpful for prospective clients to see in writing clear areas where a coach can help them. I know from my personal experience of working with clients, they start to make leaps and bounds forwards once they adapt to some of the new but simple routines I help introduce to their lives.

This series of blogs posts will help anyone who thinks they might want to work with a coach get a better idea of what may be involved for them and how they benefit from teaming up with someone who is there to support them towards achieving the things they believe in.

The series will cover:

  • Goal setting
  • Motivation
  • Managing your time
  • Prioritising
  • Actually getting stuff done
  • Working on your business, not just in it
  • Making better decisions
  • Delegating
  • Handling stress

By the end of it, I hope you’ll start to see some of the benefits of growing your current team to include a coach. You may be part of a team of many or just a team of you all by yourself, either way, having more experience to call on for support is only going to make you better.

Start the series: 1. Get Better at Setting Goals