Congratulations on taking a positive step to get you closer to your goals.

All coaching with Stephen starts off with a free, no obligation coaching session which begins to look at your business, the challenges you may be facing, the factors surrounding you in your life and what your goals for the future are.

Successful coaching isn’t a one time thing, you get better at anything the more you do it and this is the same for your involvement with your business. What coaching offers is new ideas, new structures, new routines, new ways of thinking about things and most fundamentally, support from someone with long-standing business experience of their own who becomes a member of your team at the time when you need it most. Progress, change and success don’t always come easy but not having to do it alone makes it much more achievable.

Beginner Coaching Package

This package includes:

Package goals:

Remember the questions I asked you before this page loaded?

What was the figure you came up with?

Most coaches are afraid to publish their pricing because prospective clients just focus on the cost. I am not because I have now taught you to understand the value of what you want to achieve, the value to you of your goals and dreams.

Package Duration

The Beginner Coaching Package has a fixed duration of 2 months incorporating weekly one-on-one coaching sessions.

At the end of the 2 month period you graduate to the Gold Standard Coaching programme.


The Beginner Coaching Package costs just $1300 paid upfront at the start.

If you wish to split this into two monthly payments the cost per month is $725.

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