How Can a Business Coach Help Me? – 2. Improve Your Motivation

Everyone loves the feeling of achievement when we get something done and done well. It helps us build motivation and gets us fired up for the next task or challenge. But getting started on something can often be the biggest challenge. I’m sure you’ve been there – lots to do but little interest in doing any of it!?

Working with a coach helps you find and maintain your motivation by giving you a structured path to achievement. That’s not as daunting as it sounds because things are kept simple at the start to give you some quick wins to get you buzzing that you’re getting things done finally. By using multiple aspects of working with a coach talked about in this blog series, we put together a routine for you with readily achieveable tasks. Starting off with simple and very manageable things teaches you to surf the wave of motivation and cruise on that wave all the way to your goals.

Motivation isn’t something that is just “magicked up” . It’s a combination of tried and tested things that help you find your missing mojo and apply it to the things you know you need to do and the things you know you’ll benefit from if you can just get started. A business coach working with you on this helps you find your sweet spot and keeps you there.

In time, you’ll find your motivation is something you can rely on because you’ve learned how to summon it and apply it. Maintaining your motivation is a key step in helping you achieve your goals because you have to have some desire in achieving them; motivation is the fuel in your car that keeps you travelling from where you are now to where you want to be.

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